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Submitted on
December 22, 2012



Heads Up & Special Thanks!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 22, 2012, 5:32 PM
Hey everyone! The Admins here giving everyone a heads up on submissions. First and foremost, we are more then just a little behind with accepting everyone's submissions. We want to apologize for that. But with more and more of you awesome people joining the group and with holidays keeping everyone busy, it happens and we are greatly sorry. But don't any of you worry! Today we are going to do what we can to accept everyone's work then place submitting on a small hiatus for a day or two. We want everyone to enjoy the holidays and for everyone to spend time with their family with no temptations on our end. So I hope you all understand.

But for those of you that are waiting for your work to be taken in, please be sure that you are submitting your artwork is really acceptable. We can already tell some of you that are submitting adoptables, open or close, we do not accept those kinds of deviation into our group. You can read about it here >>… << in our group rules just encase some of you didn't get around to reading it before or after you joined. So please have a look at our rules even if you have read them once before, look at it again because sometimes things can be missed when our rules are a little long; we are hoping to fix them as a New Year new start.

On other news, we want to take all of you that have been donating points to our group. But we want to give out a special thanks to :iconsssilver-c: SSsilver-c for donating the most points, well over 3,000 points to the group! Really with your help we were able to buy another sub for the group! It really means alot to us all. But he wasn't the only one that donated a hefty bunch, members like DiMoo, YukiBean, Hourglass34, LostTideLover and ImHisEternalAngel really helped too by giving a little extra. So again, thank you so much, not just the people we named but even just the people that donated for commission spots ^^ we Admins here in the group have placed your donation to good use like we promised we would :heart:

The Admins want to wish everyone a great Holidays and a New Year! Be safe and share your love along with happiness with everyone around you!

MajorasMasks Dec 22, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
I didn't know adoptables weren't allowed, so thanks for pointing it out since I could do some in the future and I won't wrongly submit them to this group, now that I know about it. ;)

Happy Holidays!
Yes, its been a rule for more then 6 mouths now. Before the rule we only let in sold adoptables but then it started to complicate things so now we don't accept any of them unless its a character that you bought yourself from someone else and your doing fanart of the character ^^

But thank you for understanding and for the happy wishes! Happy Holidays to you too!
MajorasMasks Dec 22, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks! ^^
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